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Living With Endo

Oct 26, 2020

Our second episode of 'Living with Endo: The A to Z of Endometriosis’ features Endometriosis Australia's ambassador Sophie Dillman.

Host Ellie Angel Mobbs chats with Sophie about her journey with endometriosis and how she manages her symptoms whilst working as an actress playing Ziggy on Home and Away. 

Oct 12, 2020

For our first episode of 'Living with Endo: The A to Z of Endometriosis’, Ellie Angel Mobbs interviews Professor Jason Abbott (Associate Professor of Gynaecological Surgery at the University of New South Wales, and Medical Director for Endometriosis Australia), for an informative and educational episode that discusses...

Oct 6, 2020

Welcome to Living with Endo: the A-Z of Endometriosis, hosted by Endometriosis Australia's ambassador Ellie Angel-Mobbs.

This special podcast trailer welcomes you to prepare for the release of Endometriosis Australia's new pocast series 'Living with Endo: the A-Z of Endometirosis. With our first official...